As a daily routine, I was going for my evening walk then a sudden thought came in to my mind. That was about my friend. She told me that she easily get humiliated by others. So some people don’t even ask her for her permission for things and just get what they want even if she need that.
I just don’t get the fact why people just let others do what they want even if they hurt your pride, feelings and interfere in your privacy.
I mean a lot of people have these experiences but still we can learn the lesson at one time. Then why still some don’t get it and do even more stupid things to let themselves get hurt.
I let people stand in their zones where they should be in my life like if someone is close to me I will keep that person next to me and if that person is only my friend I will keep him a little far from my closest ones.
But even if I love someone I still won’t let them get into my privacy as I love it a lot. I have my privacy and in that zone I just let myself to enter noone else. Because this is what we need to do to be comfortable and positive without any interruption.

And the another thing was also wandering around my mind. I have started using some words more like “shit”, “hell” and “fuck”. While I don’t have any intention to say I just let these words come out. So the one side of mine asks me “have I become a bad person?”
And then my other side reply that “hell no”.
Actually it’s true, there is none who is bad or good in this world. Everyone has two sides, bad and good one. We just become what we choose. I just treat people with my good side and if they do something bad to me I just let them go without saying any word because my bad side doesn’t even care.
Though there are a lot of people who are just too bad to see a little good thing and it’s not because they are bad. It’s because they killed their good one inside them.
For me having both of these side is actually a good thing because it helps you to survive and let you live the life. Good one to love and greet peoples, world, life and see the beauty of thing while bad one to protect yourself when you are in need to be.
But maintenance between these two should be right. You could be the good 90% but atleast be 10% bad because it actually helps you to read people’s bad intentions or situation.
And the fact is you can’t be a good person from head to toe. We are just who we are so just choose what is good for us and our loving people ❤️💜

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