Ghost: Type 3: Some ghosts called some humans.

This is the part where I want to tell what I think about some humans who are just evil by their souls and actions but pretend like they are good.

Well why am I writing about them like this?

This is because some of them just take actions more harmful than ghosts. I mean just take a look and think what you see now-a-days. “The humans” are causing a lot of trouble to other who don’t even deserve them. Not just the peoples but the nature also, we are just causing harms.

Those who are not even a human being in a human body, whenever I think about them like what should I write about, I just get blank and my mind fills with anger. Because they should behave like a human being not like a beast.

But on other hand there are some people who don’t interact much with other are seems like ghost too. Not in a serious way but in a funny way😀😀. They don’t harm others they just exist like they don’t.

Let’s continue with dangerous ones.

So again why am I considering them as ghost?

Because all of us know how some people hurt other in a very violent way. Some times innocent ones don’t even know them.

Terrorists, murderers, criminals and those who support these peoples. Aren’t these peoples more dangerous than ghosts? When it comes to ghost we just pray and stay strong but do these people even think that this a little baby, a mother, old people or a girl? They just do what they want like their lives don’t matter. We all have some bad points or a evil part but not all of us are evil soul. Some people choose negativity over positivity. And their actions show us what they have become.

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