Ghost type 👻 2: real ghosts

  • Part-A:

    I divided this post into two parts because I felt that it will be quite long and to be honest I don’t want you guys to get bored😁😀.

1- part-A


So here is the 2nd type of ghost called “real ghost”.

We all can feel it what does this phrase means. Beacuse we all sometime see them in our dreams and some in real. Well unlike imaginary ghosts this kind of type is scary and dangerous. Some of us have already read about them in books, documentaries or have seen in horror movies and in some video clips. Not all the people believe that ghost exists. Some consider them as our mind’s creation or a thought from a movie. They can be true. While some don’t. They say that they have seen some in real. So, here I also won’t deny them too like I didn’t do with first type people. 😊🙂

To be honest, I also had some experiences about ghosts like- I saw a grey shadow in the midnight when I was using my phone, when I felt that something passed me so many times, I have heard female voices loud and clear and other things. So what I feel that they are kinda right that ghosts exist. But still, I can’t deny other people😋.

Well all of it depends on people how they take it in their own way. So basically, I found some questions out that are normal and common for everyone….

As I said, it can be long so, I will post them in part-B.

Till then stay🥰

Keep smiling😊

Thank you…..❤️

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