Ghost- type-1: imaginary ghost

So here is the first type of ghost that we say imaginary ghost. Of course it gives the same vibe as real ghost do. But it’s not harmful. It can hurt your mind and make you bit uncomfortable but you can go to drink some water and for more stuff. Though this follows you to those places still it doesn’t attack on you in real.

Q.1 when do you find out that there is some imaginary Ghost?

Ans. When see some horror movie that let you hide your face in blanket or let you keep your eyes close. After it you really start assuming that there are some imaginary Ghost.

Q.2 how long they keep following you?

Ans. The more you will think about ghosts and become afraid the long they will follow you.

Q.3 how do you find or see some imaginary Ghost?

Ans. When horror things make you fall in fear then you see them in air, in the empty rooms, on the bed next to you, in the kitchen while drinking water, behind the curtains, behind every single sound, many places wherever you go. You can see them.

Last question according to me

Q.4 why do you see them?

Ans. Because you create them by your imagination after being in fear. Even when they are not real but you still count them as real.

Are they harmful? No, not like real one.

So be ok when you are just creating them. But if you see real then please be careful.☺😮😑

Till then let’s see the next✌

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