Ghost -introduction

ghost …….

When someone says ghost. People become afraid hearing this word. Why? What is it? How does it make us feel afraid? I don’t know these things. But what I think about the question that always occurs in my mind? I don’t know. But what is that question? The question is, who is a real ghost? There are three types of ghost-

1. ImaginaryGhost

2. Real ghost

3. Ghost named some humans

Now-a-days I really get surprised by watching people how they behave like a evil spirit. So here I am explaining with my thinking.

Let’s think about it…..

Ghost can make you shiver within seconds. It can make you uncomfortable by just repeating their name. In the night, there can be a chance where some people find their bed wet. The effect is so strong on us. Isn’t It? Yes it is ✌🤔

5 thoughts on “Ghost -introduction

  1. I have read a lot of things concerning the subject of demonology and angelology, and tried something in practice. At the end I found out, that no matter if ghosts are really there and existing, or just our pure imagination, there is nothing we must be scared of…

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