If words could explain what is love exactly.

Even after separation how does it affect her? Only if she could tell but what she does is just feel.

It’s been many years after that silent breakup between my heart and your mind.

But still whenever I think about you or you can say that I get caught in that kind of condition where I can’t resist your presence in my mind, the only thought that strikes my mind is- ” were you even honest about us for just couple of seconds?”

I don’t know what is the answer. I always tried hard to find out but couldn’t. Now I just don’t need the answer. I am just happy with that unanswered question. Yes I am happy about it. I don’t know how long you are going to hit my mind because I can’t tolerate it seriously. But sometimes, I do think that it doesn’t matter even if you are standing right in front of me waving at me to start a conversation. It’s not that the old me has died but this me has something new to focus at. I remember how much I cried just to make you sure how much I have fallen for you. I didn’t just tried but I gave all of me to you but it wasn’t enough for you because I wasn’t that kind of girl you wanted. Whenever I do think about these things I simply smile. My rooftop,wind, nights,stars,raindrops and my pillows all of them know about you and are actually work as witness in the courtroom of love. They know my tears, my exhaustion. Only they how I cried. My body, mind, and my soul were In a tough storm that I couldn’t come across. But somehow I did it. Now I smile even on my stupidity not because I was with you but I was just too honest to let you break me. I thought you was only one for me and only for me. Sometimes my eyes get wet to think why did you let me cry it’s not that I was a victim but because I wanted you so bad and I could let myself down just to set up higher. I wanted someone to spend my life with but why did you leave me to feel the pain that could change my thinking and honestly it did. Before you, I was soft toward love that can sound sweet and heaven. Now I have difficulties to trust Even other person is sweet and nice. But I do still feel insecurities. Now even love can be good and can be worst. Now love only makes me feel like a poison that isn’t sweet but full of hallucinogens surrounded by illusions that don’t let you go in heaven and not in hell. Like a knife between truths and lies. And cuts you all time. But if two soul really love each other there won’t be any trouble even in troubles. But If only one person is true and no matter how much beautifull thing you have they will sound like a alone tone.. since we are on different ways, this is how I feel about love and you made it possible.

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