A message

What she feels when it hurts

A message from the guy, she says, she loved the most. After so many months, What does he expect? When he removed her from all the thing, how can he have her no still? But it doesn’t matter if he is trying make it a long conversation since she has moved on. She knows she could wait longer than it was expected to. But she was done. What he thought ? She didn’t deserve to go through that storm when she was calm. No. Wasn’t it tough more than that storm? She knows that he won’t feel it because it happened to her. She wants to ask. where did all of his efforts go when she needed just a simple smile from him in the exchange of pain and troubles he caused? Where did his love go when she needed his support? And what happened to his shoulders that were meant to let her rest on, let her cry on, when she in endless tears? When did his feelings go away? Was she just a joke?


And then she replied with all of her courage ” listen don’t bother me. Go wherever you want. Do whatever you like .But just don’t create a hell for me. Now I hope you understand. Aren’t you?”

She wanted to ask all the thing but it doesn’t really matter. She is now what she is.

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