As a daily routine, I was going for my evening walk then a sudden thought came in to my mind. That was about my friend. She told me that she easily get humiliated by others. So some people don’t even ask her for her permission for things and just get what they want even if she need that.
I just don’t get the fact why people just let others do what they want even if they hurt your pride, feelings and interfere in your privacy.
I mean a lot of people have these experiences but still we can learn the lesson at one time. Then why still some don’t get it and do even more stupid things to let themselves get hurt.
I let people stand in their zones where they should be in my life like if someone is close to me I will keep that person next to me and if that person is only my friend I will keep him a little far from my closest ones.
But even if I love someone I still won’t let them get into my privacy as I love it a lot. I have my privacy and in that zone I just let myself to enter noone else. Because this is what we need to do to be comfortable and positive without any interruption.

And the another thing was also wandering around my mind. I have started using some words more like “shit”, “hell” and “fuck”. While I don’t have any intention to say I just let these words come out. So the one side of mine asks me “have I become a bad person?”
And then my other side reply that “hell no”.
Actually it’s true, there is none who is bad or good in this world. Everyone has two sides, bad and good one. We just become what we choose. I just treat people with my good side and if they do something bad to me I just let them go without saying any word because my bad side doesn’t even care.
Though there are a lot of people who are just too bad to see a little good thing and it’s not because they are bad. It’s because they killed their good one inside them.
For me having both of these side is actually a good thing because it helps you to survive and let you live the life. Good one to love and greet peoples, world, life and see the beauty of thing while bad one to protect yourself when you are in need to be.
But maintenance between these two should be right. You could be the good 90% but atleast be 10% bad because it actually helps you to read people’s bad intentions or situation.
And the fact is you can’t be a good person from head to toe. We are just who we are so just choose what is good for us and our loving people โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ

Ghost: Type 3: Some ghosts called some humans.

This is the part where I want to tell what I think about some humans who are just evil by their souls and actions but pretend like they are good.

Well why am I writing about them like this?

This is because some of them just take actions more harmful than ghosts. I mean just take a look and think what you see now-a-days. “The humans” are causing a lot of trouble to other who don’t even deserve them. Not just the peoples but the nature also, we are just causing harms.

Those who are not even a human being in a human body, whenever I think about them like what should I write about, I just get blank and my mind fills with anger. Because they should behave like a human being not like a beast.

But on other hand there are some people who don’t interact much with other are seems like ghost too. Not in a serious way but in a funny way๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. They don’t harm others they just exist like they don’t.

Let’s continue with dangerous ones.

So again why am I considering them as ghost?

Because all of us know how some people hurt other in a very violent way. Some times innocent ones don’t even know them.

Terrorists, murderers, criminals and those who support these peoples. Aren’t these peoples more dangerous than ghosts? When it comes to ghost we just pray and stay strong but do these people even think that this a little baby, a mother, old people or a girl? They just do what they want like their lives don’t matter. We all have some bad points or a evil part but not all of us are evil soul. Some people choose negativity over positivity. And their actions show us what they have become.

Ghost type-2: real ghosts


As I mentioned in previous post. So here are some questions, I found out are common for everyone.

Q.1 who are the real ghosts?

Ans. Real ghosts are real life horror as people consider that they exist just like angels and God do. While some don’t because they believe in science.๐Ÿ˜€(though I am also a science student.)

Q.2 where can we find them?

Ans. Anywhere they belong to. We can see them floating in air, behind the curtains. They follow you if you go to drink water or for something else, next to your bed etc.

Q.3 are all of them bad?

Ans. as I feel, I think not all the ghosts are bas. Some can be good

(But most of them are.)

Q.4 are they dangerous?

Ans.may be or may be not.

Q.5 why do we see them?

Ans. May be they want you to see them for some kind of reasons or else you have cause them disturbance.

( I just don’t understand why most of people aren’t caught by them while those people have given them a lot of pain and cause a loss? Why just. Few get this treatment by ghosts๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„)

Q.6 how to protect yourself?

Ans. Just be strong. Fight with your negative vibes. Stay confident. And keep faith in God. Believe in yourself.

Do you have anything to ask because I don’t have any…

*NOTE: there is still a type that is the most dangerous type now-a-days. *

Anyway I don’t want this post to be a serious post. I mean not so more serious.

But the thing is we just get afraid most of time by our own negative believe.

So just enjoy.

Next post is coming soon….

Keep smiling ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™‚

Ghost type ๐Ÿ‘ป 2: real ghosts

  • Part-A:

    I divided this post into two parts because I felt that it will be quite long and to be honest I don’t want you guys to get bored๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€.

1- part-A


So here is the 2nd type of ghost called “real ghost”.

We all can feel it what does this phrase means. Beacuse we all sometime see them in our dreams and some in real. Well unlike imaginary ghosts this kind of type is scary and dangerous. Some of us have already read about them in books, documentaries or have seen in horror movies and in some video clips. Not all the people believe that ghost exists. Some consider them as our mind’s creation or a thought from a movie. They can be true. While some don’t. They say that they have seen some in real. So, here I also won’t deny them too like I didn’t do with first type people. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™‚

To be honest, I also had some experiences about ghosts like- I saw a grey shadow in the midnight when I was using my phone, when I felt that something passed me so many times, I have heard female voices loud and clear and other things. So what I feel that they are kinda right that ghosts exist. But still, I can’t deny other people๐Ÿ˜‹.

Well all of it depends on people how they take it in their own way. So basically, I found some questions out that are normal and common for everyone….

As I said, it can be long so, I will post them in part-B.

Till then stay๐Ÿฅฐ

Keep smiling๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you…..โค๏ธ

Ghost- type-1: imaginary ghost

So here is the first type of ghost that we say imaginary ghost. Of course it gives the same vibe as real ghost do. But it’s not harmful. It can hurt your mind and make you bit uncomfortable but you can go to drink some water and for more stuff. Though this follows you to those places still it doesn’t attack on you in real.

Q.1 when do you find out that there is some imaginary Ghost?

Ans. When see some horror movie that let you hide your face in blanket or let you keep your eyes close. After it you really start assuming that there are some imaginary Ghost.

Q.2 how long they keep following you?

Ans. The more you will think about ghosts and become afraid the long they will follow you.

Q.3 how do you find or see some imaginary Ghost?

Ans. When horror things make you fall in fear then you see them in air, in the empty rooms, on the bed next to you, in the kitchen while drinking water, behind the curtains, behind every single sound, many places wherever you go. You can see them.

Last question according to me

Q.4 why do you see them?

Ans. Because you create them by your imagination after being in fear. Even when they are not real but you still count them as real.

Are they harmful? No, not like real one.

So be ok when you are just creating them. But if you see real then please be careful.โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‘

Till then let’s see the nextโœŒ

Ghost -introduction

ghost …….

When someone says ghost. People become afraid hearing this word. Why? What is it? How does it make us feel afraid? I don’t know these things. But what I think about the question that always occurs in my mind? I don’t know. But what is that question? The question is, who is a real ghost? There are three types of ghost-

1. ImaginaryGhost

2. Real ghost

3. Ghost named some humans

Now-a-days I really get surprised by watching people how they behave like a evil spirit. So here I am explaining with my thinking.

Let’s think about it…..

Ghost can make you shiver within seconds. It can make you uncomfortable by just repeating their name. In the night, there can be a chance where some people find their bed wet. The effect is so strong on us. Isn’t It? Yes it is โœŒ๐Ÿค”

Locked among night’s thoughts

Sleeping in fear of night or just staying awake by fear. I don’t understand whether to cry or shout. Whether to feel free or feel trapped.

When lights got off I really thought, I should sleep since I became afraid of fear. I am becoming a coward and this is hurting me because I can’t be like me. It seems like I am suffocating myself with my own thoughts even it’s fear itself, I shouldn’t treat me like this. So this is how I did shut my laptop down and decided to sleep. But how could I while I am not feeling sleepy. I am sleeping on my own alone with my face covered. I didn’t turn off my room’s lights but it was still so bad for me, so creepy for me. I couldn’t help myself. I thought if I sleep like this than may be someone will come in my room and will turn off the lights and I will be able to sleep very well. “But no, okay then, What can I do”? The only thought I could think. After struggling with my courage and fear I actually cried but before crying I tried to calm down me. So I turned my laptop on again and played my fav. Songs list. Some songs that can make you fall asleep. I tried again to sleep but again I couldn’t do. So I cried but I started worrying about my laptop what if my tears cause any trouble for my laptop. I became stupid though. Well since I am really just so unpredictable, I stirred myself from my fear. It was midnight. I felt like I am hearing so many sounds that were making me weak and uncomfortable and filling me with horror feeling. I again covered my face with the blanket. Even after doing this, I put my palms on my covered face so that I won’t see anything throughout the blanket. I stayed awake for so many minutes. My stomach was aching and little bit infection of cold caught my throat. While I was crying I was thinking” uhh what are you doing with your self? How did you manage yourself when you were in hostel all alone in just a small room where you had to turn off the lights off and had to go back to your bed with open eyes so that you don’t hit anything? How did you just stay all nights after watching so many horror movies? Just getting afraid because you have read some really scary movies or have listened to some real cases. You know you just imagining things more and more. Why you can’t turn head into another direction? Why you can’t sleep like you usually do? I know it became hard when you are sleeping alone with paper’s fluttering sounds. I know they are making noises but still why are you doing this? ” these thoughts were putting me between fear and courage. I know I didn’t like now how I was crawling and packed myself inside the blanket. I know I was torturing myself but I was so afraid to even take a breath outside when I know I can’t stat inside more because I needed air to breath. Now I was becoming so angry that I decided to come out from that fear. It took a lot of courage but I knew I couldn’t stay like this.

It was like do or die. Either sleep calmly or just stay awake. I didn’t want to kill myself in the fear. What I was thinking is just if I even face something I will die in fear or I will freeze but I have to face it with courage. I had so many creepy experiences. And when those thoughts came to my mind I couldn’t resist them. I started shivering after knowing it’s becoming tough to sleep. But somehow I managed to stay awake till late night but it was hard. Was I becoming that much coward? I came out from the blanket and sat on the bed and played my songs again. I put the volume low so that my family mambers don’t hear the sound. I checked it’s power it was 30%. I started thinking what will I do if power went down. Should I bring the charger but how it was in another room. But what if I hear those voices again I heard few days ago. I left the thought and started thinking that I should do my study but what I was doing is writing my fav. Singer’s name. It was striking 12:15am. And I started thinking oh isn’t it the dark time of night till 4:00am? My heartbeat getting faster and faster so I shut down the laptop again. And got into the blanket. I kept turning this side and that side. I usually sleep on back but this time not.

Lights were on but it was still dark for me. I couldn’t fulfil my parameter of ideal sleep. It stroke 2am then 2:30 then3:00am. And now I became like an frozen ice since I have heard that it’s a dangerous time between 3am and 4am. I was waiting for clock to strike 4am. I sat back in frustration at 3:40am. Now I couldn’t handle it. Ahh finally it stroke 4am. Because I knew I could write what I feel now in way better. Now I am not afraid and feeling bit okay. Now it’s 5and half. I am half unconscious by not sleeping for whole day and whole night. Now my schedule has disturbed. Now fear has turned into struggle and then fight. This is how night was gone.

If words could explain what is love exactly.

Even after separation how does it affect her? Only if she could tell but what she does is just feel.

It’s been many years after that silent breakup between my heart and your mind.

But still whenever I think about you or you can say that I get caught in that kind of condition where I can’t resist your presence in my mind, the only thought that strikes my mind is- ” were you even honest about us for just couple of seconds?”

I don’t know what is the answer. I always tried hard to find out but couldn’t. Now I just don’t need the answer. I am just happy with that unanswered question. Yes I am happy about it. I don’t know how long you are going to hit my mind because I can’t tolerate it seriously. But sometimes, I do think that it doesn’t matter even if you are standing right in front of me waving at me to start a conversation. It’s not that the old me has died but this me has something new to focus at. I remember how much I cried just to make you sure how much I have fallen for you. I didn’t just tried but I gave all of me to you but it wasn’t enough for you because I wasn’t that kind of girl you wanted. Whenever I do think about these things I simply smile. My rooftop,wind, nights,stars,raindrops and my pillows all of them know about you and are actually work as witness in the courtroom of love. They know my tears, my exhaustion. Only they how I cried. My body, mind, and my soul were In a tough storm that I couldn’t come across. But somehow I did it. Now I smile even on my stupidity not because I was with you but I was just too honest to let you break me. I thought you was only one for me and only for me. Sometimes my eyes get wet to think why did you let me cry it’s not that I was a victim but because I wanted you so bad and I could let myself down just to set up higher. I wanted someone to spend my life with but why did you leave me to feel the pain that could change my thinking and honestly it did. Before you, I was soft toward love that can sound sweet and heaven. Now I have difficulties to trust Even other person is sweet and nice. But I do still feel insecurities. Now even love can be good and can be worst. Now love only makes me feel like a poison that isn’t sweet but full of hallucinogens surrounded by illusions that don’t let you go in heaven and not in hell. Like a knife between truths and lies. And cuts you all time. But if two soul really love each other there won’t be any trouble even in troubles. But If only one person is true and no matter how much beautifull thing you have they will sound like a alone tone.. since we are on different ways, this is how I feel about love and you made it possible.

A message

What she feels when it hurts

A message from the guy, she says, she loved the most. After so many months, What does he expect? When he removed her from all the thing, how can he have her no still? But it doesn’t matter if he is trying make it a long conversation since she has moved on. She knows she could wait longer than it was expected to. But she was done. What he thought ? She didn’t deserve to go through that storm when she was calm. No. Wasn’t it tough more than that storm? She knows that he won’t feel it because it happened to her. She wants to ask. where did all of his efforts go when she needed just a simple smile from him in the exchange of pain and troubles he caused? Where did his love go when she needed his support? And what happened to his shoulders that were meant to let her rest on, let her cry on, when she in endless tears? When did his feelings go away? Was she just a joke?


And then she replied with all of her courage ” listen don’t bother me. Go wherever you want. Do whatever you like .But just don’t create a hell for me. Now I hope you understand. Aren’t you?”

She wanted to ask all the thing but it doesn’t really matter. She is now what she is.